A quick note:The research done on the impact of industrial fishing and livestock farming is always expanding. These stats are based on the most up to date info we’ve come across. We aim to keep these facts as current as possible to better inform your food choices. Please do let us know if you find more updated findings or sources.

“Livestock farming is responsible for 14-18% of Greenhouse Gas Emissions”

FISHING (Top left of infograph)

“75% of fish stocks are exploited”

“66% of fishers have collapsed, total collapse by 2048”

“40% of global fish catch is by-catch”

“30% of global fish catch is used for animal feed ”


OCEANS (Bottom left of infograph)

“Abandoned fishing gear makes up 70% of surface marcro-plastics (by weight)”

“Fishing nets make up at least 46% of plastic mass of the Great Pacific Garbage Parch”

“Ghost gear is estimated to make up 10% of ocean plastic pollution”

“415 coastal ecosystems are now Ocean Dead Zones”

“Oceans have become 30% more acidic since ~1750, with dire consequences for many sea animals”




RESOURCES (Top Right of infograph)

“75% of global farmland could be rewilded if we stopped eating land based animal products”

“Livestock farming uses 30% of global fresh-water supplies”

“Livestock farming uses 26-29% of the Earth’s ice-free land”

“Livestock farming uses 30% of the world’s grain”

“~20% of Amazon rainforest is gone”

“~90% of Amazon destruction is caused by livestock farming”

ANIMALS (bottom right of infograph)

“60% of mammals are livestock, 36% humans and 4% wild animals”

“~80 billion land animals are farmed and killed each year”

“~74% of livestock animals are factory farmed”

HEALTH (bottom right of infograph)

“80% of all antibiotics in the US go to farm animals”

“75% of new or emerging diseases in people come from animals”

“84% of fish contain unsafe mercury levels”



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