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“No other human activity is as damaging to our living planet as industrial fishing and livestock farming – the challenge is that still few people are aware of that.
Drawing so much energy and happiness from the oceans, I want to encourage other ocean-dwellers to stop supporting these industries with their hard-earned money, and raise their powerful voices to create a ripple-effect across our planet’s ocean-related communities – and beyond!”
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Kaspar's Ocean Journey

  • Born and raised in Switzerland, among mountains and cows
  • 1st scuba dive age 12, 1st time on a surfboard by 18 during a gap year in Costa Rica (note: ‘on a surfboard’ not ‘surfing’…)
  • Falls madly in love with kiteboarding during an exchange year in 2008 in Spain. Leads to an 8-year long obsession with the sport.
  • Chasing the wind around the world whenever possible, he finally arrives in Cape Town, South Africa in 2013. He’s never left.
  • Based now in Muizienberg, the new obsession is surfing – but he can still be found kiting, SUPing and freediving quite regularely

Kaspar's Reduction Journey

  • Arrives in South Africa in 2013 as an omnivore
  • Learns about the impact of factory farming through locals, reads Foer’s ‘Eating Animals’ and subsequently starts to cut out meat and dairy
  • Does his first Vipassana retreat (10-day silent meditation based on Buddha’s teachings) in 2014, emerging even more inpsired to reduce suffering of all living beings
  • Becomes active in reduction advocacy, e.g. by collecting signatures for a initiative to ban factory farming in Switzerland
  • Eats now 95% plant-based and enjoys each meal in which he supports a flourishing plant-based food industry



“The Oceans have shaped and moulded me into the person that I am today. They have instilled in me a passion for nature and all things living. I believe that those lucky enough to be able to experience the majesty of the Oceans first-hand, have a responsibility to care for and protect her as much as we possibly can.
May our simple everyday decisions empower us to reduce suffering and create a more sustainable future for all.”
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Nathan's Ocean Journey

  • Born and raised in the leafy suburbs of Cape Town
  • Introduced to surfing at the age of 10 in the foamies @ Muizenberg
  • An every-now-and-then hobby becomes a full-time fixation at the age of 13
  • Moves to Taiwan in 2014 – enjoyes the untouched, tropical Pacific waves. Sharing the stoke with the local surf community for 6 years
  • Overcomes a life-long fear of the deep blue by getting my PADI license and experiencing the ocean like never before
  • Returns to Cape Town in 2020 to our cold, hard, rugged waves – charging harder than ever before

Nathan's Reduction Journey

  • Just like any other SA boy, ate all the meat, all the time.
  • A deep sense of caring for the environment inspired a pursuit to study Zoology and Ichthyology
    (Fishery Science) in 2010 – was confronted by the harsh realities of the state of our natural world.
  • After exposure to a plant-based lifestyle through close friends and family, realised a transition to a
    plant-based diet was the best way to start making positive contributions toward conservation and
  • Spent a year living a strictly plant-based lifestyle – after which, moved towards a more flexi
    approach, indulging in the occasional non-vegan treat.
  • Became a more conscious consumer and made decisions that aligned with personal values and
  • Now 95% plant-based – allowing for the odd human moment just to keep things light.


Content & creative force, Creator of Iggy,

“I’ve lived by the ocean my whole life. I’ve paddled in her, dunked my overwhelmed head in her, lost weight with her, talked to her, taught my dog to swim in her, nearly drowned in her, painted her, fell in love in her, cried in her. She’s been my reprieve from the world, my therapist and my coach and too often, a best friend. What kind of friend would I be, if now when she needed me back, I did not also believe in her, create for her, stand up for her and fight for her?”

Andrea's Ocean Journey

  • Grew up in the seaside town of Hout Bay, South Africa.
  • Dabbled in longboarding during twenties.
  • Prefers connecting with the ocean through paddle skiing and SUP missions.
  • Couldn’t imagine life without summer sea swims and a water-loving golden retriever by her side.
  • Regularly collects plastic waste on beach walks.

Andrea's Reduction Journey

  • Was raised proper South African/ German – around the braai, meat = mains.
  • Became aware of factory farming an inhumane animal practices around age 21 (2007).
  • Dabbled in various fully committed forms of vegetarian, vegan, raw, pescatarian for a decade, while working in food writing and later in ethical nature-oriented industries, but never really felt comfortable in any absolute diet-style.
  • Switched back to fully vegetarian during serious yoga and meditation studies.
  • Finally settled into flexitarianism in a 90% plant-based ratio in 2016 with flexibility around social situations and opting for ethical wherever possible.


Community Builder and Head of Activsim

“I want to save our oceans. I want to save all of the life within our oceans. I feel the only way I can do this is by learning and understanding as much as I possibly can about this complex ecosystem… and to do that I need to travel the world and experience the sea in all of its natural states. I started out doing my Bachelor of Science but soon realized that the beauty and diversity of the world’s oceans want to be experienced through complete immersion and that research papers alone will not inspire the change I want to see happening!”
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Maddie's Ocean Journey

  • Grew up along the east coast of Australia – fishing and surfing – like most Aussie’s do.
  • Began scuba diving and driving boats at 16 through taking marine biology in high school.
  • In 2015, joined famous marine conservation organisation Sea Shepherd Global and undertook various roles such as deckhand, quartermaster and communications for the next few years.
  • Became a PADI Dive Master and Scientific Diver in 2018 in Borneo, whilst building artificial reefs destroyed from bomb fishing.
  • Studied Maritime Operations and became a Coxswain (boat skipper).
  • Up until recently has been managing a marine research station on a tiny tropical island in the north of Malaysia and became a PADI Dive Instructor.
  • Has now ended up in Gordons Bay, South Africa to see where her career in marine conservation can take her from here!

Maddie's Reduction Journey

  • Since a young age has always had a strong affinity to animals and saw them as sentient beings, but still consumed a lot of seafood… an Aussie’s culture.
  • Volunteering at animal welfare shelters since high school, and was a voice for their injustices.
  • Began a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Technology but soon realised that she needed to make more of an impact towards fighting for animal’s rights.
  • Through Sea Shepherd became strictly plant-based with no room for error, and was quickly thrown into the world of fighting animal abuse and exploitation, being on the frontlines of some horrendous crimes.
  • Moving to South-East Asia found it more difficult to lead a plant-based lifestyle, as animals are a means of livelihood for most locals there. She soon made the connection that it is a privilege to be able to have options.
  • Now adopts a 95% plant-based lifestyle, but would prefer to call it ‘ethical consuming’, avoiding the western mass produced way of living, and ensuring her food is ethically grown and obtained.


Oceaneers is a community-driven initiative created by two ocean lovers who wanted to inspire others to see that the biggest positive impact they could make to ocean sustainability was to change their food choices.

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