As Oceaneers we love get-togethers. Most often, we do this through our Salty Gatherings, where we organize some Ocean-related activity and then munch at one of our brand partners, usually on weekend mornings. However, every now and then we also do bigger events – such as screenings, talks or retreats. Find out all about these upcoming and past events below!


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Past events

Zandi’s story: When passion meets purpose

  • Featuring Zandi Ndhlovu and Roushanna Gray (Veld & Sea)

  • Date: 5th February, 2022

  • Location: Blue Bird Garage market

  • Co-hosts: Veld & Sea, Thank Goodness Foods, Jack Black Beers

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Going ‘Over the Edge’, for the Oceans

  • Featuring Matt Bromley’s docu ‘Over the Edge’

  • Date: 23rd November, 2021

  • Location: Blue Bird Garage market

  • Co-hosts: Wavescape, Mahina, Surf.4.Earth, Captain Fanplastic, Glow, Thank Goodness Foods, Jack Black

  • Blog

  • Pictures: Facebook Album


‘My Octopus Teacher’ screening

  • Date: 8th June 2021

  • Location: Labia

  • Co-hosts: Plushi, Mahina, Camissa Moon, Ocean Pledge, BAck2Nature

  • Supporting brands: Captain Fanplastic, Happy Earth People

  • Blog

  • Pictures: Facebook Album


Seaspiracy-screening & interactive panel discussion

  • Date: 19th May 2021

  • Location: Labia

  • Co-hosts: Nourish’d, Nude Foods, Plushi

  • Panelists: Muriel Gravenor, Maddie Rasmussen, James Taylor, Daniel Smith

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  • Pictures: Facebook Album




Oceaneers is a community-driven initiative created by two ocean lovers who wanted to inspire others to see that the biggest positive impact they could make to ocean sustainability was to change their food choices.

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