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Do you care about the living planet? Do you want to make some waves? Do you want to join a purpose-driven tribe?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Discover how to become part of the community, start your reduction journey, and how a community of aligned brands is supporting you on this path.

We’re building this first community in the wider Cape Town area, with Muizenberg as our home base. If you find yourself in another part of the world, let’s explore together how we can share the joy in your home together.

How do I become an Oceaneer?

1 - Sign up

Sign-up below. Then check your inbox for our welcome email, and get introduced to the community on our platforms. And don’t forget to complete our entry survey!

2 - Raise awareneess & reduce

Take our Pledge. Follow through with actions. Every single step – however small it may be – is a step in the right direction. We’re here to support you along the way.

3 - Enjoy & share the joy

Build this community with us. Contribute in any way you can and want to. Treat yourself to our rewards. Celebrate each step. Get your friends involved.

What’s awaiting me on the other side?

So much goodness! A team of passionate and dedicated individuals who want to make this journey breezy for you. And exclusive access to the following:

Regular Salty Gatherings

Join us as we adventure across the seven seas and explore the bounty of activities they offer. Expect surf sessions followed by plant-based feasts, free diving, canoe-ing with dolphins and more.

Brand community discounts

Upon sign-up you’ll receive a digital membership card and access to our online membership area, providing you with unique discounts offered by our wonderful brand community.

Cool prizes & give-aways

As an Oceaneer, you stand a chance to win monthly prizes such as surf gear, restaurant vouchers and one-on-one sea experiences with some of SA’s gnarliest Oceaneers (aka our ambassadors).

Ready to commit? Let’s do this!


Oceaneers Pledge

I am an Oceaneer.

The oceans nurture and nourish me, and I commit to doing my best to look after them. Therefore,

I pledge to raise awareness about the impact that our food choices have on our oceans,

I pledge to (further) reduce the amount of industrially fished or farmed animal products I consume and

I pledge to keep the Oceans as clean as possible

I am an Oceaneer, and I #EatForTheOcean


Oceaneers is a community-driven initiative created by two ocean lovers who wanted to inspire others to see that the biggest positive impact they could make to ocean sustainability was to change their food choices.

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