Because, to the oceans,
our food choices matter

[oceaneer] ~def:

Sea-aficionada/-o who reduces or ditches consumption of animal products coming from industrial livestock farming and large-scale fishing, for the sake of the oceans and animals – and ultimately ourselves.

The Challenge

 Industrial livestock farming and large-scale fishing are among the most destructive industries for our living planet in general, and our oceans in particular.

Most of our most pressing environmental issues – such as overfishing, climate change, species extinction, habitat destruction, deforestation, water pollution and depletion and over-fertilization – are strongly linked to these industries.

Moreover, billions of sentient animals experience ‘hell on earth’ in factory-farms each year, and are fed high quantities of antibiotics and hormons – which end up in our bodies again.

Last but not least, these industries consume a huge amount of scarce resources in the form of food crops, land and water.


How do our food choices impact an Oceaneer’s favorite habitat?

Large scale fishing

Industrial livestock farming


75% of the world’s fisheries are exploited or depleted


Livestock farming is responsible for ~15% of greenhouse gas emissions


Up to 46% of ocean debris is abandoned fishing equipment


~1/3 of fish caught worldwide are used to feed livestock animals


80% of marine life caught is considered by-catch and thrown overboard


Of all the mammals on Earth, 60% are livestock! 36% are humans and only 4% are wild animals

Oceaneers in a nutshell

As Oceaneers, we love to be in nature and in oceans, but as a species, we’re trashing both

Industrial animal agriculture and fishing are among the biggest drivers of this destruction,
and in addition, cause extreme unnecessary suffering to billions of animals each year.

Unlike with other challenges, we’re fully empowered as individuals to make changes –
each meal/ purchase is an opportunity to act, a vote for or against this industry.

The purpose of Oceaneers is to raise awareness about this impact of our food choices,
and encourage ocean-dwellers to reduce their consumption of animal products
coming from factory farming and large-scale fishing

I got it – so what do you want me to do?

2 - Reduce

Start your reduction journey, and let us know how it goes and how we can help you!

3 - Inspire your mates

Share and invite your friends – ‘the more the merrier’ applies!


Oceaneers is a community-driven initiative created by two ocean lovers who wanted to inspire others to see that the biggest positive impact they could make to ocean sustainability was to change their food choices.

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